I hate Quora

If you follow me on Quora, you've probably noticed that I haven't been using it too much lately. The title of this entry explains why. Hate may be a strong word, but Quora has been annoying me a lot lately. There's nothing inherently wrong with the website itself (although a couple things could be improved), but the prestige built around it really does not make any sense. Most of the answers on Quora are amaturish at best, many of them straight up false. Most seem to have at least some effort put in, but you'll always spot incorrect information about something very well established that could be confirmed with a quick search. And even that, isn't too bad, unless you count in the fact that Quora really loves to put furth this "academic" face and tries to appear very serious and well-studied. So, will I keep using Quora? Maybe. Just because other people cannot put in the effort doesn't mean I cannot either, but then again I'm not sure I enjoy it as much. I guess we'll see.