I like to own stuff

One of the predictions of the World Economic Forum for the year 2030 is that all products will have become services. What does that mean, exactly? Well, it means you will not own anything by yourself. You'll rent your house, your car, your computer, your clothes, even. It's not me saying that - it's the World Economic Forum; Eveything will become a temporary service, for which you'll to repay in order to renew. Once you go broke, you lose everything. Don't be quick to think that your landlord will be nice enough to understand your struggle and not be harsh to get you homeless, we're not talking about individual landlords, we're talking about international mega corporations that won't care less if you're dealing with any personal or work problems. It is all about profit. If they could, they'd have you painfully addicted to their products. Don't think they're any better than drug dealers.

The same trend is especially true for digital products. You no longer own your software, you subcribe" to it. You no longer own movies, you're subscribed on Netflix and Hulu, you no longer own music, you're paying a subscription fee for spotify. Let that sink in, you're paying a subscription fee for something you can literally do for free.. Yikes. I don't know about you guys, but I like to own my stuff, I like to have my own goods I can rely on, in the name of autarky, and not be dependant on a bunch of megacorps. Just a thought.