Modular dictionary generator
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -7,7 +7,5 @@ PAX 2.0: Narthex (Greek: Νάρθηξ, νάρθηκας) is a modular & minimal + Ncom - A combination tool that creates different combinations between the existing lines of the dictionary. + Nrev - A reversing tool, that appends the reserved versions of the lines at the end of the dictionary. + Nleet - A leetifier. Replaces characters with Leet equivalents, such as @ instead of a, or 3 instead of e. Also appends -+ Nuniq - A uniq utility that uses minimal memory and works for unsorted files (as dictionaries are sorted by likelyhood, not alphabetically) + Nwiz - A wizard that asks for the infromation and combines the tools together to create a final dictionary. -+ N-Woran - A wordlist analyzer for leaks. It compares to known dictionaries, notes common words & character, char combinations & popularity.