Michael Constantine Dimopoulos

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Pyrgoi, also known as Katranitsa or Kastranissa, is a town in western Macedonia, in Ptolemais, on Mt. Vermio (or Bermion), where Ptomely came from. It is the town where my grandfather descents from, from the Dimopoulos & Basdekis (or Vasdekis) families. He was named after his grandfather, Mikhail Basdekis, a Greek war hero of the Macedonian struggle, and in turn I was named after him. The town is known for its rich early modern past, as well as the ancient Macedonian tomb nearby.

These are some of the photos I took visiting my family there.

The bridge of Sandermos, also known as the bride's bridge, Castle bridge, or Salin Most (in Turkish & Slavic) is a small stone bridge just a bit north of Pyrgoi that used to connect the main road of Thessaloniki to Monastir (modern Bitola). It is unkown when it was built, but its style is mostly reminiscent of the bridges built around the Balkans during the Ottoman era. More information can be found in Greek, here and here.

An old family house.