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Narthex is a modular & minimal personalized dictionary generator written in C for use in password recovery and security assessment. It includes a collection of tools, such as nhance or ninc, all with a specific and simple goal that can be used to enhance/generate wordlists, that in combination can create personalized dictionaries for effective password cracking. The way the tools work makes it so that the passwords are generally sorted by likelihood. The programs make use of Unix piping to collaborate, but a wizard script that does some of the job in the background is also included.


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Houndsniff is a minimal hash identification and recognition tool written in C that uses a database to compare a hash's features to characteristics of other common hashing algorithm results.


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Colloide is a script I wrote in Python when I was 14 for directory bruteforcing on websites, mostly because self-taught me was not aware of other such utilities, since I did not even know the proper term for the concept. I've built upon it over the years, but it is a little messy and needs some fixing or probably a rewrite. It still gets the job done for me.


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SudoPhish is a tiny self-destructive shell script that can be used to phish the passwords of the users on a system. It is called when sudo is executed through a simple bash alias and pretends to be the sudo password prompt, after it gets the password, it stores it in a textfile and self-destructs.


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Asciifier is a Python script I wrote a while ago that converts images to ASCII art. The size is based on your terminal's rows number. The value/brightness, aspect ratio, and invert option can all be tweaked easily from the source code, since there is no proper interface, as I do not intend to actually publish this program.